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Audra Rasnake Quilt Bio:

I am a forth generation quilter in my family and literally grew up underneath a quilt frame. My earliest memories of childhood involved needle and thread. I did not begin hand quilting until I was in high school and I must confess that I was a quilter for several years before I attempted needle turn applique…l was fascinated and terrified at the same time. Now, however, I CANNOT and WILL NOT create a quilt without applique in it. You’d have better luck asking me to stop breathing! Shortly after I was married in 1992, I began having my work juried into local arts and craft shops and sold my items on commission for several years. I consider myself a traditional quilter and do ONLY hand quilting and needle turn applique, lt was actually at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival many years ago (the show had only been up and running for a couple of years) that my life changed and a seed was planted….l wanted to eventually become a competition quilter! And so I DID!

I completed my first show quilt in 2014 and have since made 5 others. My quilts take an average of 18 months from start to finish. I have won several ribbons at national level shows all over the country including a few for “Best of Show’ and I have earned several awards specifically for my hand quilting. I also excel at needle turn applique and I teach classes on both of these. I design 95% of the patterns that I use and I love complicated, intricate work…it’s like getting lost in a long juicy novel for me. Quilting is my life. I spend about 30 hours a week on applique, piecing, or designing of some kind and I am currently in the process of attempting to package, copyright, and market several of my original patterns.

No poet could ever describe the joy that quilting brings to my life…l have often said that I would have to live to be 10,000 years old to finish every quilt that lives in my heart. I love sharing this precious gift that God gave me through teaching and encouraging others and I hope I inspire those around me to keep learning, keep dreaming, and keep quilting.

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