Discovering Broderie Perse Main Academy Class

Discovering Broderie Perse Main Academy Class
Class Description:
Taught by Judy Severson

If you love floral fabrics, learn how to use them and design your own Broderie  Perse quilt. Learn to look carefully at fabrics, finding ready made bouquets for the center, and whole garlands that can be used in borders. Cutout the flowers one-by-one or in groups and stitch them down to build an elegant design or add other floral fabrics, birds or butterflies. Broderie Perse can be combined with patchwork, English paper piecing, border edging designs, and other appliqué for more sophisticated effects. The final look of the quilt depends upon the fabrics you choose. It will allow you to express your creativity.Since there is no set pattern, all the quilts you make will be different, even if you repeat some of the same fabrics. Embark on an adventure of quilt design free of preconceptions.

Judy’s personal one-on-one teaching allows each student to create, and no matter what your comfort levels she will be there to encourage, guide, and inspire.

Skill Level: All Skill Levels



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