First Blush 2 Day Add-A-Day Class

First Blush 2 Day Add-A-Day Class
Class Description:
Taught by Jeanne Sullivan

Love the look of turned edge appliqué?! Then keep it simple and straightforward with Simply Successful Appliqué! If you can sew on a button, you can hand appliqué! If you can use a sewing machine, you can machine appliqué! It doesn’t take years of practice to develop the skills necessary for fine quality appliqué stitching. Learn Jeanne Sullivan’s preparation basics quickly and jump right in! Create this delightful First Blush block (stitched either by hand or machine) as you learn to make the pointiest points and smoothest curves easily and consistently! Learn precision techniques for fussy cutting and exact patch placement. Learn to control all fabric types and master invisible appliqué stitches.

Jeanne’s warm & inviting teaching style ensures a relaxing and satisfying experience for every student. Beginners are nurtured; experienced appliquérs challenged. While technically simple, the First Blush design will open up a world of creative possibilities for making it your own! Large screen, live stream video will enable you to see Jeanne’s demonstrations clearly from any place in the room. Encouraging, explicit step-by-step instructions will ensure your confidence and success.

Appliqué methods covered will include Simply Successful pre-turned appliqué, layered, fussy-cut & surprise cut appliqué with options for using Broderie Perse appliqué. Each fabric piece is made perfectly before it is sewn onto the background, giving students the choice of sewing them onto the background fabric by hand or machine. We’ll explore fabric selection, auditioning, and creating contrast for a vibrant look.  Technical skills abound! Learn to embellish your appliqué with a tasty bit of embroidery using just a few simple stitches for vibrant visual impact! What fun!

Skill Level: All Skill Levels



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