Forever Blowing Bubbles or Swan Dance 3 Day Add-A-Day Class

Forever Blowing Bubbles or Swan Dance 3 Day Add-A-Day Class
Class Description:
Taught by Rita Verroca
email: ritaverroca@yahoo.comBoth blocks will be revisiting all other appliqué skills like basic stitch, pointy leaves, inverted V’s and Valleys to assure your success to stitch this piece of history for your Baltimore Album Quilt. Afraid or timid to draw the faces?  No problem, Rita will draw them for you and they will be available in the kit she provides. Let Rita be your personal guide as you travel towards new horizons in appliqué.Forever Blowing Bubbles:
This stunning design will bring back many happy childhood memories in every quilter. Whether you blew bubbles as a child, with your own children or with your grandchildren some kind of magic happens, when we blow bubbles. As we watch the bubbles drifting off into the sky we wonder if they land near or far away or if the wind will carry them in a certain direction. Will they float far away until we cannot see them anymore or will they pop immediately? We can imagine that watching these iridescent orbs we watch our own thoughts and feelings float away and remember the sheer delight of this timeless outside activity on a sunny summer day.Swan Dance
One of the most fascinating aspects of stitching a Baltimore Album block is that it gives us the opportunity to not only express ourselves in a creative way but also tell the viewer something about ourselves. Just as women did so many years ago during the birth of this beautiful art, symbolism and personal details can add meaning to your block. With this in mind Rita designed her Swan Dance. Swans are often depicted as a symbol of love and fidelity because of their long lasting monogamous relationship. Often described in Greek mythology as graceful, pure and elegant in appearance the swans glide over the water pulling a mystical shell filled with an abundance of roses. Could this picture symbolize the happy union between a husband and wife, celebrating memories of a life happily lived together? This would be a glorious interpretation and secret message prosperity.Skill Level: Intermediate



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