Mola Flower 2 Day Add-A-Day

Mola Flower With Back Basting Applique
Class Description:
Taught by Barb Eikmeier
email: deikmeier@kc.rr.com14In this two day “add a class” students will begin work on a small mola project while using the back basting technique. (Back basting appliqué is a needle turn technique; the thing that makes it different is the way you prepare the appliqué motifs – by basting from the wrong side.) As in traditional, South American Molas, the class project will be stitched using a combination of reverse appliqué, layered appliqué, and embroidered accents. With many layers of color, they can become thick and difficult to baste by hand – learn how Barb uses the sewing machine to accomplish the basting step. On the first day of this two day class, machine baste then begin hand appliquéing radiating layers of color, echoing a simple flower motif. On the second day, design your own unique mola. Class includes a showing of authentic molas.Skill Level: Confident Beginner and up



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